The housing market is finally starting to come out of the slump it dipped into about five years ago. Homeowners are working diligently to get their homes ready to sell so they can take advantage of a quickly-changing market. So what does this mean for you, the unlicensed general contractor? It means you need to work at getting your license so you’re more credible. Let’s take a look at how getting your contractor’s license now will increase your bottom line as well as your workload.

Credibility as a Residential Contractor

Credibility is a great thing in the construction world. You may have a lot of credibility with current clients who have worked with you for years regardless of licensure, and that’s great. But more homeowners are asking to see licenses and other important information now before they hire because of the number of scam artists working in the field of construction. You’ll find that the number of homeowners who hire you will increase after you are licensed.

Higher Earning Potential Across the Board

Doctors are more expensive than nurses, master woodworkers  and metalsmiths charge more than amateurs, and the same is true with licensed and experienced contractors. It’s very likely that you charge more for services now than you did when you first began working as a general contractor. Obtaining your license will allow you to bid on larger and more profitable jobs as well as increase your hourly rate for new clients.

Add Value to Something You Love

You aren’t likely into construction for the money or the incredible benefits, or even the excellent working conditions year round; yes some of that was intended as sarcasm, you choose. Most general contractors and carpenters are into construction because they love some aspect of the job. Whether you love laying tile, hanging drywall, building things, or any other part of the job, a license adds value to it in the eyes of insurance agencies and often homeowners as well.


Can You Find Work as an Unlicensed Contractor?

Of course you can, but it isn’t recommended for work in most states. You’re not nearly as protected as an unlicensed contractor as you are as a licensed contractor. Passing the contractor’s licensing test isn’t as difficult as you may think. In fact, we have a 98% passing rate as well as a pass or don’t pay guarantee. We also have a low price guarantee, and all of our general contractor courses available via mobile devices – there’s really no reason to put off getting your license and improving your business.

Regulations vary from state to state, so before you jump into the legalities of contracting, make sure you’re familiar with your state’s building codes. If you’re in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia and you’re in need of training materials to study for your contractor’s license exam or for continued education purposes, call us at 800-680-0812.