Considering most of the country is a frozen tundra this week, we thought it would be appropriate to brush on the topic of winter construction.  Working in the winter is one of the most challenging things about the job.  Things go wrong, jobs take longer, but unfortunately the work must go on!

Winter is the most challenging of the seasons, not least because of the dangers that cold weather can bring to people. Since construction sites demand for carefulness even in the good seasons, it should be understood that combining the two results in a condition that is more dangerous than other season can be helpful. However, this situation is not uncontrollable, meaning that construction can go on with minimal risk even in terrible winter for as long as supervisors remember to take precautions and follow all essential procedures that should be carried out on a daily basis.

Making the right moves to tackle winter construction sites disasters down the road is important when faced with unpredictable weather.

Here are winter safety measures on construction sites:

  • Equipment should undergo regular assessments and maintenance: Machinery should be maintained and checked before being used and also work zones should be effectively lit and have proper warning signs
  • Vehicle operators should be appropriately licensed: All forklifts, crane, and other large construction equipment operators should be properly trained and licensed.
  • Workers should have appropriate dress as well as recess times and chances to get warm: Do you have the appropriate safety gear, as well as warm-weather wear? Are you allowed to take your legally approved recess in a location where you can resist the weather and elements?
  • Workers working from heights must have safety arrangements: If you working on rooftops or scaffolding, you should have proper safety restraints, along with the ability to move around safely without facing snow and ice challenges.
  • Electrical operators need appropriate safety equipment to avoid electrocution: The danger of electrocution can be severe during the winter period and that is a major reason why proper and adequate equipment should be provided to electrical workers on construction sites.
  • Drivers should never engage in pushing vehicle through unstable conditions: Drivers should never be forced to push vehicles except if they are operating a snow plow and clearing the roadways for everyone else
  • Use a melting agent such as calcium chloride: In order to tackle stubborn on construction sites, the use of melting agents such as calcium chloride which is one of the most common agents should be used. For added effectiveness, it is suggested that placing it in a nylon stocking will allow the agent to remain in action for a longer period of time and to be added gradually, extending the melting progression. 


Moreover, staying safe on construction sites during winter period means being proactive about potential difficulties. Supervisors need to plan ahead so that their workers can continue building without difficulties even in the most dangerous season. At we make every effort to provide license and modern training for contractors.