Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures 16th Edition

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An excellent reference on concrete technology, this book presents the fundamentals on freshly mixed and hardened concrete. It includes materials for concrete, procedures for mix proportioning, and curing concrete. The book covers handling concrete various weather conditions, volume changes, and control tests for quality. Also included are special types of concrete and industry standards.

This reference on concrete technology covers the fundamentals of freshly mixed and hardened concrete. This edition discusses sustainability; durability; materials for making concrete, such as portland cements, supplementary cementing materials, aggregates, water, admixtures, fibers, and reinforcement; procedures for mix proportioning, batching, mixing, transporting, handling, placing, consolidating, finishing, and curing concrete; precautions necessary during hot- and cold-weather concreting; causes and methods of controlling volume changes; commonly used control tests for quality concrete; special types of concrete, such as high-performance, lightweight, heavyweight, no-slump, roller-compacted, shotcrete, mass concrete, and many more.

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