Gypsum Handbook 7th Edition

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This reference is highly recommended for its installation methods, which include time and money saving techniques. In addition, thorough coverage of proficient construction procedures for gypsum, drywall, veneer plaster, cement board, and conventional plaster construction are provided. This is a valuable resource for architects, engineers, contractors, builders and dealers, journeymen, building inspectors, and code officials to simplify construction using the newest developments in products and systems.

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The Gypsum Construction Handbook was first published by the U.S. Gypsum Company in 1904. For more than a century and through several editions, the book has become a trusted standard. This new 6th edition is an illustrated, comprehensive, and authoritative guide on all facets of gypsum construction. You'll find the newest product developments, installation methods, fire- and sound-rated construction information, illustrated framing-to-finish application instructions, estimating and planning information, and more. System descriptions – together with full data on products, accessories, tools, equipment, and applications – help plan and estimate projects and ensure compliance with performance criteria. Cost- and time-saving techniques keep the work on budget. New in the sixth edition are chapters on sustainable construction methods and products, building movement, fire resistance, heat transfer, sound transmission, and vapor/moisture control.

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