Modern Masonry 8th

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This simply and clearly written book provides a thorough grounding in safe methods of laying brick, block, and stone. It covers important aspects of the masonry trade, including tools and equipment; safety; the makeup, properties, uses, and sizes of masonry units, and the accepted techniques for laying all kinds of masonry units in all kinds of bonds. Construction details for masonry walls, foundations, pavement, steps, garden walls, and masonry arches are covered, as are more than 75 procedures for laying brick, block, and stone.

Simply and clearly written, Modern Masonry 8th Edition provides students with a solid understanding of the safe and proper methods of laying brick, block, and stone. Also receiving thorough coverage is concrete construction, including both formed construction and flatwork. This thoroughly illustrated full-color text provides students with a broad understanding of materials, their properties, and their applications. A detailed glossary and an extensive reference section will be highly useful to students as they acquire masonry skills.

Publisher: Goodheart-Willcox Company, Inc.

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