Mississippi Builder Contractor Combo

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Our Combo for the Mississippi Commercial Contractor Builder License Exam covers both the state trade and the required NASCLA business and law exams. You will get everything you need:Books, Tabs, Printed Study Guide, Online Exam Prep, and book highlighting

Have you given thought to how hard it will be to pass the Mississippi General Contractor Commercial Builder State License Exam?  Try our free demo here.  You will train on a simulation that looks and works just like the Mississippi State Contractors Exam which is proctored by PSI.

This comprehensive online course is constantly updated make sure you are receiving the most current information available from the State of Mississippi, the Mississippi State Board of Contractors, N.A.S.C.L.A., P.S.I., and the publishing houses of the reference text book set.  Just navigate to our courseware website here and you will be amazed at just how easy we make it for you to prepare for the exam. We review each reference book used by the test administrator and show you what items to highlight and how to tab your books. 

The questions and answers are our Printed, Covered, and Spiral Bound Home Study Guide and the same questions and answers are on our Audio CD's that can use in your car or truck. You will find yourself answering the questions out loud in no time!

The best part of this course is what makes MyContractorsLicense.com stand head and shoulders above the rest. With this course you'll get unlimited practice exams. You will be able to take timed exams, just like the state gives. Also, the exam pulls these questions from our master question database, giving you a different exam every time you take it! When you have completed a Practice Exam, you can print the questions you missed for an additional study aid. 

Wouldn't you like to know for a FACT that you're going to pass your real exam before you ever step foot inside the testing facility? With our practice exams, that's exactly what you'll get.

You will receive:

  • The complete exam prep courses for both the Mississippi Building Construction exam and the NASCLA state business law exam.
  • Audio CDs for both exams.
  • Printed study guides for both the exams.
  • Unlimited practice exams for both exams.
  • Every book you'll need for both exams.

*You will have 1 full year to access this course from the date of purchsae. After that time, extensions are available for $1 per day from the date of expiration. This program is accessible from any Internet connected device.

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