North Carolina Commercial Building Contractor License Exam Prep

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Our North Carolina State Contractor Exam prep includes an online Study guide with How to Read Blueprints manual, Exam Prep., Audio CDs and Unlimited Practice Exams on a system that looks and acts like the North Carolina State Builder Contractor Exam.


  1. Online Presentations
  2. Printable Study Guide
  3. Audio CDs
  4. Unlimited Practice Exams

Would you like to know what your Georgia Contractors Exam is going to look like? Try our free "Demo" Contractors Exam Prep Course. It is an exact simulation of the Georgia Contractors Exam.


Be ready for your North Carolina Building Contractor Exam in about 30 hours of study time. Once you purchase this course you will have instant access to the training material. We have over 850 questions for the GA Residential Light Commercial exam. Plus over 160 questions for the Georgia Business and Law Exam.

Why choose this program?

1. Your practice exam screen is modeled after the actual test screen you'll see when you take your real test. You will learn how the timer works, what a marked question is, how to skip and categorize questions along with strategies to maximize your time and effectiveness.

2. This program is available for use on any device. Use your PC, Apple Mac, Tablet, or even your phone. 

3. Randomized questions. You will receive a different set of questions for each exam. Once you finish your Practice exam you will receive a grade and a report showing any missed answers and which book and page to find the correct answer. The Georgia Basic Residential Exam has 80 questions covering 8 subject areas. 

4. Our Test Experts. If you're looking at other programs, pick up the phone and call them. Then call us 800.680.0812. The difference is like night and day. You'll quickly see that our exam experts not only KNOW what we're talking about, but we want to help you.

This comprehensive online course is updated every time we find a new question! We make sure you are receiving the most current test information available.  We receive all the updates from the state of Georgia, PSI (the test proctors), and the reference set publishing houses. You will be amazed at just how easy it is for you to prepare for the exam. We review each reference book used by the test administrator and show you what items to highlight and how to tab your books.
You'll also receive a study guide which lists every question and answer broken down by book.
And, you'll also receive Audio CDs. Just let these play during your daily commute and you will find yourself answering the questions out loud in no time! 

And the best part, we include Unlimited Practice Exam's for the Trades Exam and the Business Exams.
You will be able to take timed exams, just like the state gives. Also, the exam pulls these questions from the Master Question List in your online Home Study Guide, giving you a different exam every time you take it! When you have completed a Practice Exam, you can then print the questions you missed for an additional study aid. Quite simply, this is the best exam prep course you can buy. The North Carolina Building Contractor Reference books can be purchased here. 

Call the Contractor Exam Experts.  1-800-680-0812

Below highlights the differences between the North Carolina Builder Contractor Exam and the N.A.S.C.L.A. Trades exam which is accepted by North Carolina.

NC Building Contractor License vs. NASCLA Comparison NC Builder NASCLA
Requires pre-approval from state licensing board Yes No
Board limits number of times you can take exam and how often Yes No
Number of books covered in exam 17 21
Number of books you may take into the exam with you 7 21
Number of questions 90 115
Percentage or questions answered correctly required to pass 70% 70%
Amount of time for entire test 180 Minutes 300
Amount of time per question 2 minutes 2.6 minutes
Number of states that have reciprocity 3 13
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