Virginia Business Law and Project Management Study Pack

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VABL Combo

This course is for the VIRGINIA General Contractor Business and Law exam. It contains everything you need to pass your exam including prep course, reference book, printed book tabs, and a printed study guide.

This course is for the VIRGINIA General Contractor Business and Law exam. The program consists of everything you need to pass your exam.
This product includes

1. Online Presentations - The program consists of online highlighting presentations reviewing the reference book. We will walk you through your book and show you where to highlight the answers.

2. Printed Study Guide - The study course will include a printed home study guide. This is complete list of all the questions and answers we have in our database for this exam.

3. Practice Exams - Unlimited practice exams. Our practice exams are the best in the industry. They are modeled after the real exam. We us the same screen layouts and format. We teach you not only what is on the exam, but how to take the exam. Each time you run a practice exam you will get a different set of questions. You will receive a score at the end of each exam with a report on what you missed, why you missed it, and where to find the correct answer.

4. Audio Tracks - You will also receive an audio CD that can be played anywhere including your vehicle. The audio is a quick and easy way to help you memorize the exam questions.

5. VIRGINIA Business Law reference book - You can take into the exam with you.

6. Pre-printed book tabs - Pre-printed book tabs for your business law book to make finding your answers even easier.