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We offer the best guarantee in the business. If for ANY reason you do not pass the exam on your FIRST try we will issue a full refund on the cost of the online course! But we don’t stop at “pass or don’t pay”. We take it one step further by doing everything we can to help you pass your general contractor’s exam. We will have an instructor review your exam results and personally help you prepare to retake the exam. That's a 100% guarantee. Our contractor’s exam prep is risk free and you have nothing to lose.

Compare our guarantee to the fine print of other competitors. We don’t require you to fail multiple times or submit time-consuming documentation before we will issue a refund.  If you don’t pass the exam on your first try, we didn’t do our job and we will refund your money for the online course.  It’s that simple.

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With us, you’ll have your contractor's license exam behind you in no time!

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** Conditions apply for the 8-hour Virginia Prelicense Course see refund policy here.